There’s Some Place Like Home: Lessons From a Decade Abroad, available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

book cover kindle


1001 Nights, nominated for a 2018 Pushcart Prize

1001 Nights, WINNER, Hippocampus  Remember November, November, 2016

An Otherwise Ordinary DayWINNER Paste Magazine and  Biographile’s That Summer contest.



Become a Viking Mom, audio book


Non/Fiction Publications

Through Girl Colored-Glasses, Cleaver Magazine

1001 NightsWINNER, Hippocampus  Remember November, November, 2016

Unwrapped, Finalist Hippocampus Remember November , November 2015

Another Brick in the Wall, Hippocampus Magazine, January, 2015

An Otherwise Ordinary Day, WINNER Paste Magazine and  Biographile’s That Summer contest.

A Stupid Hill to Die On, on Scary Mommy


Short Stories/Fiction

Tiny Moments Literary Anthology, available on

Appetite, Slick Chunk Press, August 2015

The Alchemy of Construction, Eunoia Review, July 2015

Drunk on the Isle of Misfits, Typehouse Literary Magazine, May 2015 Issue #5

Seven Deadly Sins: Lust, 101 Words

The Space Between Our Names, Precipice Volume III



Women Who Don’t Burn in Bust Magazine as Hillary Clinton and Women Who Don’t Burn

A Rock and a Hard Place in Bust Magazine as Sexual Assault Survivors Are Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Viva la Revolution in Bust Magazine as With Weinstein Gate We’re Living a Revolution

There’s No Medal At the End of Motherhood on Scary Mommy

Dear World, Please Don’t Sell My Sons Short on Scary Mommy

An Open Letter to Moms of Girls on Scary Mommy as I’m That Righteous Mom Who is Raising Feminist Boys

Marriages Don’t Come with Michelin Stars, on Punchnels

The Story of Our Son, on Wear & Where

Goodnight Bedtime Stories, Goodnight Mush, on Scary Mommy

Life in the Middle Ages, on Are You There God, It’s Me Generation X

A Broad Abroad, Lessons I’ve Learned as an Expat, on Your Expat Child

The First Rule of Expat Club, on Your Expat Child

The Circle of (Expat) Life, on Your Expat Child

Smells Like Teen Spirit, part of the American Vignette series at Andrea Reads America

I Say Tomato, He says tomato on Your Expat Child

Traveling Circuses, on Your Expat Child


WordPress Discover/Editor’s Choice Picks

Sorry I’ve Been a Shitty Friend: A Multiple Choice Form Letter

A Proportional Response

Freshly Pressed/Editor’s Choice

Ladies Who Lunch

The Elephant in the Room

Love Poems are a Dime a Dozen



Arsenal, Eunoia Review, March 2016

Labor Day, Issue 16, DevilFish Review

Scheherazade, Non-Binary Review, Volume Six: 1001 Arabian Nights

Memoir, Quatrain Fish

Like Isis, Tipsy Lit Magazine, December 2014, Volume 3

Creation, Saturday 5PM and Pinpricks, Purple Pig Lit